Sunday, 29 September 2013

Derby Worlds - Results

Allied Winner - Jez Evans, US 2nd Infantry

Axis Winner - Keith Fisher, German Grenadiers

3rd Place - Hammy, Task Force A

Best Painted Allied - Simon Monks, US 1st Infantry Beach Assault Company

Best Painted Axis - Mark Clarke, SS Panzer Grenadiers

Best Sportsman - Phil Rood, 352. Stug Abteilung

Best Player Provided Terrain - Steve Hazeldine

Simon Monk's US Beach Assault Company

Mark Clarke's SS Panzer Grenadiers

Derby Worlds 2013 - Day Two

Pictures from games four and five of this year's Derby Worlds - a Normandy themed event.

Derby Worlds 2013 - Day One

Quick picture dump of games from day one of the D-Day tournament we are holding at Derby Worlds 2013.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


I recently got a game in against my regular opponent, Owen Barnes. We decided to run lists from Overlord and Atlantik Wall, given we have a D-Day themed tournament coming up at the end of September.

We randomised the mission, and ended up with 'Surrounded'. We do not play this very often, as you will not see this mission at a Reluctant Conscripts event.

Alex's 3rd Armored Division

HQ - 2 Shermans and T32 ARV
4 75mm Shermans

4 75mm Shermans
4 76mm Shermans
4 Stuarts
4 Stuarts
Full Armored Rifle Platoon
SP AA halftracks
Mortar halftracks

Owen's 21st Panzer Panzergrenadiers

2x Panzergrens
3 Pak 40s
2 88s with extra crew
4 Panzer IVs
3 Panzer IVs and 1 Captured Firefly
Motocycle Recce
3 Nebelwerfers

The table

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Whilst out putting petrol in my own car, I encountered this specimen, a 'lend lease' 1942 Willys Jeep. The owner informed me that it landed with the British at Anzio, and that it was restored to be used in the film 'A Bridge Too Far'. Sadly, after some quick googling when I got home, it is a toy that is a bit too pricey for me. I'll stick to the 15mm ones (for now).

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Prize support for Derby Worlds 2013

Battlefront, and Gareth Richards (who heads up the events and Rangers for UK) in particular, have been very kind in supporting Reluctant Conscripts events, and even thought not a traditional RC event, they have also provided support for Derby Worlds again this year.

This years tournament is a 1750 LW event, with lists only from Overlord and Atlantik Wall. The prize support reflects the theatre, with bocage, a beach assault company and a copy of the D-Day compilation amongst the prizes to be won.