Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Painting Table

My painting area is a small desk and two shelves in one corner of the living room. There just isn't the room in the flat for me to have a dedicated games room, but it is on the agenda for any house purchase.

My painting area, somewhat weighed down with projects currently.

Current projects on the table include M36 Jacksons, a US Machine Gun Platoon, a US Weapons Platoon, enough infantry stands to turn my Armoured Rifle Platoons into regular Rifle Platoons, 5 Panzer IIs and magnetising some Panzer IVs (the first unit I completed for FoW all those years ago).

Unopened boxes and more half finished projects: Panzer IV/70s, M5 Towed TDs, 8-Rads, and more.
One of my aims for this year is to do away with the unopened boxes. Everything will be at least assembled and undercoated by Christmas. Seeing as an entire US Para force is on that shelf, and there are more boxes under the table, this is an ambitious aim.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Flames of War tournament at Derby Worlds 2012

Derby World Wargames runs a show every year which includes, amongst other things, a Flames of War tournament.

In 2012 the show had a new venue, and a new TO for the FOW tournament, me! Though not a Reluctant Conscripts event, Derby is run 'in association with Reluctant Conscripts', giving me access to their experience, expertise and a big pile of terrain.

The 2012 event was Mid War, 1625 points, 5 rounds and 22 players. Results and lots of pictures, after the jump!