Thursday 8 October 2015

Derby Worlds By Fire and Sword Championships - Pictures

UK Champion - Neil Mercer

Best Painted - Maciej Walenczykowski

Best Sport - Alasdair Hughs
First place trophy - kindly provided by Wargamer

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Barrage - Stafford UK 12th July

Richard and Pete attended the Barrage event at Stafford last Sunday 12th July with our Flames of War Great War project. They ran one participation game and one demonstration game. Tommies 1 (only just 4 - 3), the Bosch 1 (6 - 1 victory).

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Great War book

Spotted this in the back of Wargames Illustrated:

Pete and Richard have been running some Great War demonstration games at various events this year, with Barrage at Stafford up next. Pictures from their demo games at Partizan can be found here:

Friday 29 May 2015

The brit tanks are coming

Mid war sturm is next weekend, and i'm playing again! I've  a new force on the go, British Heavy Armoured. It started off as light armoured, but the No HE on most of the tanks was a killer. 17 pounders with ROF 1 were ineffective too.

So I changed it all around and got the shermans in. I've had 3 games with them, and won all three so far, better than the light armoured which were 50/50. The closest game by far was last night against Phil Rood and his Panzergrenadiers. I won't mention his list as entries are still open, but suffice to say it was a struggle and a half, with Phil on my objective in Dust Up for three turns. An assault that went like a dream sorted me out, and the 6-1 win was certainly not indicative of the game, I was on the back leg for most of the game.

I don't imagine the force will place well in the tourney but it will hopefully be something different for folks to play against, its not often you see British armour in Mid War other than Churchills.

See you there!

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Brown Water Navy unboxing and assembly

At the Sheffield Triples show at the weekend I was able to pick up both the Kelley's Heroes and Patrol Boats set from Battlefront, for their recently released Brown Water Navy expansion for Flames of War Vietnam.

The standard small box packaging from Battlefront for the PBRs. The boats in Kelley's Heroes came in lots of bubble wrap instead

The contents of the PBR box set

And 5 minutes of assembly later I have two PBRs. I have not glued down the deck turret or the crewman at the rear for easier painting

Recesses have been made in the hull and turret for magnets, but no magnets are in the box, luckily I have lots of appropriate magnets, but its a shame they weren't included

Onto the bigger boats, this is the ASPB (VUSBX15 according to the bubblewrap)

Again, this was very easy to assemble

And there is a recess for a magnet for both turrets

The parts of the ATC(H), which includes an extra turret for the optional grenade launcher

This decal sheet is included with each of the boats and in the PBR box. Obviously set up for the 9rh River Assault Squadron, but it could be cut up and redone for other units.

The assembled ATC(H)

The monitor in the box includes parts to make all three variants (Monitor, CCB Monitor and Zippo Monitor), but the parts to make the ATC(H) as a standard ATC are not in the army box

A size comparison of Brown Water Navy boats, smallest to largest

I really like these boat models, and my only criticism is that they aren't cheap. I don't doubt their value in terms of the amount of resin I am getting for my money, but I wonder how much table time I will dedicate to messing about on the river in boats.

It is also a little frustrating that the boats will not be available outside of the Kelley's Heroes box until sometime in June, as will the river mat set, I suppose it gives me some time to get them painted.

The painting guide in Brown Water Navy suggest the new Heer Green paint from the (also unavailable currently) Colours of War range, to which Vallejo's German Camo Dark Green is apparently the closest match, so hopefully a follow up post with some painted boats will be forthcoming.